Start of 2010 hurricane season sparks special mass in Cameron

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

CAMERON, LA (KPLC) - "It's a way of life. We come, we pray, we ask, we receive strength when we need it. And that's just the way our life is," said one Cameron resident.
Resilient is a fitting word to describe  residents in Cameron Parish. Years 2005 and 2008 where tough years, to say the least.
"I knew that we could rebuild our church. We could rebuild our homes. I think the most devastating thing was how we would rebuild our town," said one Cameron resident.
Just when people had begun to pick up the pieces Hurricane Rita had broken, mother nature struck again. Hurricane Ike rolled ashore. This year, Cameron parish residents are not taking any chances. They have got God on their side. Church goers from Johnson Bayou, Cameron, Grand Chenier, Hackberry, and Creole, came together to ask for protection.
"It's a way for us to collectively pray, under Bishop Provost lead, for just safety from this year's storm season," said Stephanie Rodrigue.
"It's a mass of remembrance. We are just asking the Lord to, maybe, spare us this hurricane season, and this is the way we do it," said Carl Broussard.
Bishop Provost, who lead the mass to avert storms said, the power of a hurricane is no match to the power of prayer.
"I am told that the hurricane season, according to the experts, and their computer modules, it's supposed to be very active. But, we want to pray for protection from a storm anytime. So, we would like to begin the hurricane season with these prayers," said Bishop Glen Provost of the Lake Charles Diocese.

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