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Flash flooding in Lake Charles

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Lake Charles and surrounding areas received some much needed rain. In some places it is estimated to have rained up to six inches. But, with the good comes the bad. At some points, the water got so deep it flooded certain streets, catching several people by surprise.

"We were going to try and get to the interstate, and get to some higher ground," said Dane Henderson.

But, his plan did not work. It was not long after he decided to risk it before he realized he would not make it. He bailed off into what he thought was a service road. As it turns out, it was a ditch, filled with water. He was not the only one. Many others found themselves in the same situation.

"I was at the median of Ryan street for about and hour before a wrecker came and helped me out," said Dustin Sensat.

Mayor Randy Roach said drainage can always be improved, but in some cases trash and debris in peoples yards can be the problem.

Officials said when streets flood, you should never drive through it. It could cause you danger, and danger for the homes around you. The high water had residents in the streets, blocking off traffic, to stop that from happening.

"We would flag them down, and tell them to go slow, tell them to stop," said Craig LaFleur.

Despite their efforts, one woman was not so lucky. She said a truck barreled down her flooded street causing, damage to her home.

"Cars coming by pushed the water into the garage, broke the garage door. So, we have lots of water in the garage," said Joyce Steem.

Some had damage, some had fun, and some learned a lesson.

"If you see everyone pulling off to the side of the road, you should do the same thing," said Dane Henderson.

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