Locals stock up on hurricane preparedness items

by Brandon Richards bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC-TV) – Today was the final day of Louisiana's Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday.

The holiday means consumers do not have to pay any state taxes on hurricane preparedness items up to $1500. Items covered included flashlights, portable generators, batteries, weather radios, etc.

Adeline and Megan Ryan were just two of the thousands of Louisianans who strolled into hardware stores like Stine over the weekend to take advantage of the state's tax-free hurricane preparedness holiday.

"It's nice. It's very wonderful to help out those in need," said Adeline Ryan, who was shopping for batteries, flashlights and a first-aid kit.

Dave Rosenbaum, assistant manager of Stine of Lake Charles, said the tax-free holiday kept his store bustling with consumers all weekend long. Rosenbaum said chainsaws and generators were the top selling items.

"When a storm's coming at us, everyone's trying to get material and it's just really hard sometimes to get what you need," said Rosenbaum. "So if you prepare, [if] you got an evacuation plan, it makes things a lot easier.'

No official word yet on how much consumers spent on hurricane preparedness items this weekend, however the state retailers association said this particular tax-free holiday usually generates significant sales increases for retailers across Louisiana.

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