Cleanup at Westlake High School begins

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) - Students at Westlake High School certainly enjoyed an early start to their summer. Meanwhile, crews are on campus working to clean up the mess.

If you have ever wondered what winds of 90 to 110 miles an hour can do, just look at Westlake High. A micro burst in Westlake ripped the roof of the high school gym, as well as completely demolishing the press box.

"Basically, what they are going to do is, they're going to start cleaning up the mess. Hopefully we will get power on this evening, or maybe tomorrow morning," said Westlake High Principal, Lee Crick.

Outside, huge potions of the metal roof have to be cut up, and hauled away. The press box must be torn down, and rebuilt. Inside it is all about cleaning up the water. Many rooms inside the gym area received heavy water damage. But, this is not the first time this has happened at Westlake High School. In 2005, Hurricane Rita raised the roof off the Westlake High School gym, as well. This time around, despite it being an inconvenience, Principal Crick said it could not have came at better time.

"We contacted all of our teachers. Most of them had all of their grades in the computer system.  Like I said, one lucky thing is that it was the end of school, so that kind of worked out for us," said Principal Crick.

More importantly, no one was hurt.

"Anytime children are involved it really tugs on the hearts of the officers. They want to make sure those kids are safe," said Assistant Westlake Police Chief, Briggs Becton.

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