Ryan Doiron talks to 7Sports

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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - After everything that has been said, we wanted to hear Ryan Doiron's side of the story.

The former Barbe Buc and current Tulane Green Wave pitcher is the subject of a dispute between his current coach, Tulane's Rick Jones, and his former coach, Barbe's Glenn Cecchini.  Jones claims Doiron's torn labrum injury stems from his performance in the 2008 5A state baseball tournament.  In a report by WGNO-TV in New Orleans, Jones claimed Doiron threw eighteen innings in two days.  Jones said asking a pitcher to throw that much in that short a period of time was "abusive."  Cecchini disputed that claim to 7Sports, saying Doiron had a torn labrum before the 2008 season even started.  Despite the injury, Doiron was able to pitch anyway.

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Ryan Doiron spoke to 7Sports about the situation.  He says he pitched thirteen innings over two days, not eighteen, during the 2008 5A state baseball tournament.  I asked Doiron if he was injured during that tournament.

"No, definitely not," Doiron said.  "I was hurt six months prior to this and I rehabbed my arm every day before school, on the weekends, and everything getting ready to be able to pitch and do what I did.  I wouldn't take that away for anything."

As for the comments made by Jones, Doiron said Jones is right about having the Louisiana High School Athletic Association install pitching limits during the state tournament.

"I think that was his decision to say whatever he said and he felt what he thought was right," Doiron said.  "I don't want to get too involved in what the coaches said.  But he has a point to where they should limit high school pitching in the state playoffs and there should be a pitch limit or innings limit."

Even though it was a heavy workload in 2008, Doiron says he has no regrets.

"Thirteen innings, I mean, I probably wouldn't recommend it for any other pitcher but if anyone's to blame, it's myself," Doiron said.  "I wanted to pitch.  I thought it was right to do what I did."

Doiron says the state championship made it all worth it.

"I'm glad I did it," Doiron said.  "Nobody can ever take that away from me and the other players who helped us win state."

After pitching through his torn labrum since January of 2008, Doiron says the time has come to have surgery.  He says there is no timetable as of yet for his return.

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