Two plead guilty to littering and trespassing in Beauregard Parish

The following is a news release from the DEQ:

BATON ROUGE - Two men pled guilty last week in Beauregard Parish to gross littering and trespassing.

Ronald Shelby, Jr., 35, of DeRidder, Louisiana, and Andre C. Sweet, 33, of Arlington, Texas, were each ordered to pay $850 dollars in criminal fines and court costs, stemming from charges of gross littering and criminal trespassing. Both men were also sentenced to one year of supervised probation. This case was prosecuted in the 36th Judicial District court at the direction of Beauregard Parish District Attorney David W. Burton.

In June 2009, Shelby and Sweet were hired by Steven Tavaras, an area contractor, to dispose of debris generated from a construction site northeast of DeRidder, Louisiana. An investigation conducted by DEQ's Criminal Investigation Division and the Beauregard Parish Sheriff's Office found that Shelby and Sweet took the construction debris and illegally dumped it at a private residence near DeRidder. The construction debris has since been cleaned up by the contractor.

"Unfortunately, some people have little respect for environment and would rather dump debris illegally than dispose of it properly," said Jeffrey Nolan, DEQ-CID Manager. "We remain determined in our mission to aggressively pursue people or businesses found to be willfully engaging in illegal dumping."

"We appreciate the prompt response of the Department of Environmental Quality to the complaint of a citizen in our parish. The Department's investigators conducted a thorough investigation, which led to the guilty pleas by the two persons charged with gross littering and criminal trespass," said David W. Burton, Beauregard Parish District Attorney. "It is our hope that the knowledge that these perpetrators were brought to court to suffer the consequences of their actions will encourage others to promptly report cases of illegal dumping in Beauregard Parish."