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Project Safe Neighborhoods

The following is a press release from the United States Attorney's Office:

The United States Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana and the Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) Task Force announce the   availability of approximately   $100,642   for grants.  Of that amount, approximately   $90,578 will be designated for grants under the Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) Initiative to fund new and/or current comprehensive gun crime reduction strategies and/or gang violence reduction strategies.  Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) is designed to combat gun violence by establishing partnerships among local, state and federal entities to implement a multi-faceted strategy to deter and punish gun violence.  PSN is a nationwide commitment to reduce violent crime by networking local programs that target gun crime, and providing those programs with the tools and resources they need to succeed.  The Anti-Gang Initiative is designed to enhance PSN task force efforts to combat gangs by building on effective PSN strategies and partnerships. 

        Single or multi-grantee grants will be considered within the total authorized funds of approximately $90,578 and will be awarded to community programs within the Western District of Louisiana that address: 

        (1)     Gang prevention and enforcement;

        (2)     Gun violence prevention, community outreach, and education; 

        (3)     Enforcement, adjudication, and supervision programs; or

        (4)     Other innovative, related projects. 


The goal of this grant program is to create a comprehensive, strategic approach to effectively reduce local gun and gang violence.   

        The following types of organizations are eligible to submit a proposal applying for grants for 2010 funding:

        (1)     Non-profit organizations;


        (2)             Units of state and local government.  Units of state and local government are considered to be:


                (a)             Parishes; and,

                (b)             Special units designated by law to exercise governmental functions, excluding school boards.  This includes tribal governments that     exercise law enforcement functions. 

        Grants cannot be made for gun-lock distributions, gun buy-back programs, air-time to run certain national public service announcements, or for payments to cooperating witnesses and informants.

        Grant proposals must be submitted to the  U. S. Attorney's Office,  ATTN:  PSN Grant Competition, 800 Lafayette Street, Suite 2200, Lafayette, Louisiana 70501, no later than 5:00 p.m. (CDT) on Wednesday, May 26, 2010. 


        Interested applicants may contact Lisa Alwert, PSN Paralegal, U. S. Attorney's Office at (337) 262-6618 or 1-800-676-6992 for additional information. Please also visit the website of the United States Attorney's Office for the Western District of Louisiana at as well as and for more particulars on these grants.

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