Water aerobics

By Tiffany Blackmon - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – When Sam Ardoin couldn't keep up with the beat, he knew something had to change.

"I like to go to the singles club and dance and there was an older person there that wouldn't miss a dance and I wasn't able to. I'd just run out of air," said Ardoin.

It was then that Sam learned the guy with all the moves was taking water aerobics classes to keep shape.

LA Fitness Water Aerobics Instructor, Charlotte Antonetz stated, "It makes you feel better. I mean anytime you get up and get moving, you'll feel better physically, mentally."

In fact, Antonetz says water aerobics is similar to other workouts, except that it's low impact.

"You're not hurting your body. It's not a jolt on your knees or ankles," said Antonetz.

Marjorie Quarles participates in the same water aerobics class as Ardoin. She stated, "In my early thirties I did all the aerobics on the floor and then as I grew older I knew that was going to be harder on the joints, so it was wise to get into the water."

The buoyancy of the water can carry body weight, so when exercising in it, there's less impact and stress on the joints. Water aerobics can be a very beneficial workout for those with joint pain or arthritis, and it also provides a full body workout for people of all ages. However, you should consult a doctor before enrolling in a class.

"It builds muscle," said Antonetz. "You work your core, which when you're working your core, [it] strengthens your back."

Water aerobics also increase flexibility and endurance, and now Ardoin sets the pace out on the floor.

"I can dance a lot better. I can feel the difference, especially last Saturday night at the VFW," said Ardoin.

For more information on water aerobics classes, call LA Fitness at (337) 478-8686.

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