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Jeffrey Denby trial begins tomorrow

By Jason Belk - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - In June of last year, John Thomas Anthony Brewer, affectionately known as J.T., died from head trauma from what investigators say was a beating.

Police initially arrested Jeffrey Denby, the boyfriend of the child's mother Holly Brewer, on 1st degree murder and 2nd degree cruelty to a juvenile.

Brewer told KPLC at the time she had suspected Jeffrey of harming J.T. before.

"I noticed he had bruises on him, on his back, and he had lied, Jeff had lied and told me that he had fell off the bed and I was stupid enough to believe it," said Holly Brewer in an interview with KPLC, in June of 2009.

Since, Holly Brewer was charged with accessory after the fact to 2nd degree cruelty to a juvenile, and remains in jail.

During Denby's original court hearing in July of 2009, all media was kicked out by Judge Martha O'Neal, sparking KPLC and the American Press to appeal the decision.

The Third Circuit Court of appeals originally upheld O'Neal's decision.

After a second appeal, the State Supreme Court decided media will be allowed in the courtroom during pre-trial proceedings beginning on Monday.

A decision the attorney for KPLC and the American Press says is very important for the public.

 "The courts should be open to the public. The press it he public's representative. We believe that Judge O'Neal should not have closed the courtroom to the press or to the public and that's why we took the stand that we did," said Jim Doyle.

There is still a gag order in effect on all parties involved with the case, but KPLC will be in the courtroom for the latest tomorrow.

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