Deadline for Bayou D'Inde cleanup comments Monday

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA. (KPLC) - Monday is the deadline to comment on the controversial cleanup plan proposed for Bayou d'Inde. While state environmental officials say the plan will be effective concerned citizens disagree.

For decades scientists with government agencies and industry have been studying and debating what to do about cleaning up contamination in the bayou and now after all this time they have a plan for dealing with the pollution.

Environmentalists are extremely dissatisfied with it.

State officials with Department of Environmental Quality favor a plan which largely involves leaving the stuff in place-- on the one hand it seems ridiculous to some to, after decades of scientific study to decide the best thing to do with the contamination is largely to leave it alone yet others say to disturb it is like jabbing a stick into a wasp's nest.

Another issue environmentalist complain about is that parts of the corrective action study are nearly impossible for ordinary citizens to understand. For instance environmental advocate Willie Fonenot points out this excerpt from the Corrective Action Study of August 2009:  "The approved remedial standard process involves identifying areas where contiguous data points exhibit the highest mean PEC-Q values and examining the effect that response actions in those areas would have on the AOI wide mean PEC-values."

The deadline for public comment is Monday.  Comments may be sent in to Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality by emailing them to

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