Summer foot care

By Tiffany Blackmon - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – While flip flops and pedicures can enhance your look this summer, they can also take a toll on your feet.

"There's a reason why my office is flooded during the summer," said Dr. Tyson Green, with the Center for Orthopedics.

Green, sees plenty of patients, like Amber Laughlin, because their favorite pair flip flops don't support their arch.

Laughlin stated, "I've had pain in my heel and in my arch from not wearing the right support flip flops."

"When the arch is not supported, you put a lot of pressure on the mid foot area and the heel," said Green.

If you must wear flip flops Green says don't do so for long periods of time, and try to choose a pair that provides support.

Green stated, "The other thing is when you're trying to make your feet look pretty before wearing all of those cute shoes, you should really pick your place properly."

Laughlin used to get pedicures all the time before she was cut by a razor blade.

Laughlin stated, "She said she just nicked it a little bit and it actually ended up bleeding for like a day and a half and caused a little scar on my heel, it was pretty painful."

Razor blades should never be used because they can cut the skin easily, which can lead to infections.

Also, before you stick your feet in, make sure you see the foot soaker is cleaned with a sterilizing agent. Tools should be autoclaved (sterilized in a pack) and should be opened in front of you.

It's okay to be choosy about who cares for your feet, and what you walk around in because you only get one pair.

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