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2009 Lake Charles crime stats

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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Crime is up, but not by much. .9% is the increase. Chief Don Dixon said, with 2008 being such a good year, crime decreasing by 14.7 %, he knew 2009 would be hard to improve on.

It is broken down into three categories. Violent crimes saw an increase of 5.4% , property crimes saw an increase of 10.2%, and other crimes saw a decrease of 9.9%. Overall, crime in Lake Charles went up by .9%.

"2008 compared to 2007, we were down 14.7% of overall crime. That's tough. It's like selling 1000 cars , you know, it's tough to sell 1000 cars next year," said Lake Charles Police Chief Don Dixon.

The big increase was burglaries. In 2009 there were 2,192 burglaries in Lake Charles, that is over 400 more than the year before. Murder also went up.

"The bad thing is that we had eleven homicides last year. The good thing is we solved all eleven of them," said Chief Dixon.

When it comes to solving crime, Lake Charles beats the national average in every category. Another tool used to track crime in Lake Charles are beats. The city is broken into 19 different areas. An alarming statistic for police, is an overwhelming amount of crime in 2009 occurred in two sections. Beat 6 and beat 12 have ranked the highest in all three categories.

"We have a proactive team, a reaction team. And obviously, we are going to start concentrating on these areas. We have concentrated on these areas. There are some techniques we use," said Chief Dixon.

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