7Teen Report: Teens play with orchestra

Reported by 7Teen Reporter Dietrich Jessen

Two young talented musicians recently got a chance to play with the professionals.

They won a competition that put them in the spotlight. The Lake Charles symphony orchestra held a contest for area teens. The top prize was the rare opportunity to perform a solo with the back-up of some very accomplished musicians.

Quarter notes...eighth notes, sixteenth notes and rests. They were all part of a dream come true for Savannah Ramirez and me. Savannah and I won the rare chance to appear as soloists for the Lake Charles symphony orchestra...just two teenagers performing among some of the area's most accomplished musicians.

Sam Houston High School sophomore Savannah Ramirez says, "I was so nervous, but when I got out there it all flowed out there and came together, but towards the end it was getting better because I knew that it was here and I was ready."

Sarah and I auditioned for the Lake Charles symphony's "Today's Youthful Sounds" competition.  Debbie Reed, the executive director of the Lake Charles Symphony says, " future of all orchestras is the youth."

As contest winners, we got to pick our own music as soloists and have the professional symphony orchestra accompany us live on stage.

Jay Jacobs served as conductor. Jacobs says, "it's a tremendous opportunity for them…it's a resume builder." And that big day came early for two teens who know practice makes perfect when it comes to the love of music.

The Lake Charles symphony also sponsors a youth orchestra made up of young musicians from the area.