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Internationally acclaimed "Horse Whisperer" visits Sulphur

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SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Internationally acclaimed horseman Dennis Reis is hosting a 3-day seminar as part of his "No Dust Tour" at the West Cal Arena in Sulphur.

The event lasts through Sunday May 9th and consists of Reis sharing his knowledge of problem horses, colt sharing, herd dynamics, among many more.

Reis takes the opportunity throughout his tour to help local horses through an equine psychology referred to as "horse whispering."

"Horse whispering is a form of interceptive communication with a horse," said Reis. "You just kind of look at them a certain way, and they'll understand what you're asking them."

Brenda Clurry drove 14 hours from Missouri for Reis to work with her 8-year old mare, Peanut.

"When I would ride her before I would have no control over her," said Clurry. "At the slightest noise, she would jump side ways."

But after Reis worked trained her with his techniques, Clurry said difference was incredible.

"The difference in her behavior was like the difference in night and day," said Clurry. "He's taught me everything about horses you could possibly teach me."

Reis said his goal is to teach horse owners the best way to build a relationship with their horses through horse whispering.

"The horses aren't wrong," said Reis. "Look at the world through the horses point of view and they'll understand you."

Dennis is also known for hosting the popular television show "Dennis Reis Universal Horsemanship" that airs on RFD-TV.

For more information on Dennis Reis's program, click on "Reis Ranch" to the right.

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