Contraband Days offers plenty of action

By Jason Belk - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If you were looking for some competition this Contraband Saturday, there was plenty to be had.

There was a Pirate Kids Costume contest and a Look-Alike one as well.

Judges for each had plenty to consider when making a decision for their winner.

"We judge on appearance and just the way they act, but they're young kids so it doesn't really matter, they're just having a good time," said Bob Peloquin, a judge for Pirate Kids contest.

Mike Brignac, a Look-Alike contest judge added, "I'm looking at the hair, the smile, mainly the face. They try to trick us by putting the same clothes on."

If you followed your nose, it probably led you to the BBQ Cook Off, which took place all day long.

Just like all of the events were about having fun, these grill masters were also out to win.

"You can say it's all fun, but we're all competitive in nature, we all have a good time, but it really is the fun of the competition and the helping out, but there is a little part of us really wants to do well and win," said Chad Cradeur, captain of the Sheriff's Department BBQ Team.

The most interesting event was probably the bed pushing race, which is an event that many have hoped would return to the festival for quite some time.

"It was a really popular event before and a lot of people expressed interest about seeing it happen again, so we just wanted to bring it back to Contraband Days, it's one of those traditional events that needs to be a part of our festival," said Jonathan Johnson, who helped organize the race.

If you were looking for a good time, good food or just some good old fun, Contraband Days had it all this afternoon.

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