Are Contraband Days here to stay?

by Brandon Richards bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC-TV) – There's no doubt spectators are enjoying their 2010 Contraband Days experience. With all the food and fun, what's not to enjoy? The big question is---are a lot people actually showing up this year?

According to the president of Contraband Days, Perry Vincent, people are showing up and attendance is near record highs.

"The best attendance we've had yet in years," said Vincent. "Ticket sales, everything's fine. Our pirate passes have always sold great. Things have been totally positive and upbeat all the way across the board."

There's also concern by some about the future of Contraband Days.

The festival has already had to make some minor adjustments because of construction near the Lake Charles Civic Center.

But with more development planned for the civic center grounds, will there be a festival next year?

"No doubt in our minds at all," said Vincent. "I don't even know why that question's asked."

Organizers also said if slight adjustments need to be made, they'll be more than willing to make them.

Soon, it'll be time for Jean Lafitte and his men to sail out of Lake Charles.

Meanwhile, organizers are just looking forward to making the final hours of contraband days as successful as possible.

"It's great. It's exciting. It's a clean wholesome atmosphere and it's nonstop entertainment," offered Vincent.

For more information on Contraband Days, including a schedule of events, click here.

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