Booming plan submitted for Cameron Parish

By Jason Belk - bio | email

CAMERON, LA (KPLC) - With concern from the oil spill in the Gulf Coast growing every day, Cameron Parish submitted a booming plan on Friday morning.

The plan is basically a strategy of how to protect their exposed marsh areas, and while they don't expect the oil to reach that far west, the Parish is taking a very cautious approach.

Clifton Hebert, of the Cameron Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, said a lot of work goes into developing the plan.

"We basically look at the cuts, the canals, the bayous that needed to be boomed off, if this were to come this direction and start getting a plan together.  Devise a situation with how much boom we would need, what type of boom, whether we could do it by rebuilding some of the sand dunes with some equipment and just plugging some of the water shallows," said Hebert.

The parish's goal was to make sure the booming plan was completed well ahead of time, because there are several approval processes, including the Coast Guard and BP.

For Hebert, he understands the concern isn't for today or tomorrow, but for the weeks that lie ahead.

"If they do not get this oil well slowed down, and we have to go stretch out to the 90 and 120 day relief well situation, we're going to be in a bind in the Gulf of Mexico with all this oil being out there," said Hebert.

The parish though, feels submitting their plan is the first step to being ready for whatever may come.

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