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Swift Peeler

The sharp, double-sided peeling blade. The sharp, double-sided peeling blade.
The round plastic and rubber palm handle. The round plastic and rubber palm handle.
The carrots peel quickly and easily. The carrots peel quickly and easily.
The peels bunch, but remove easily with a tug. The peels bunch, but remove easily with a tug.
Here are the leftover thin peels. Here are the leftover thin peels.

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email


LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – You've probably used a hand held peeler at one point in the kitchen.  The Swift Peeler takes that familiar peeling blade and puts it on a new handle of sorts.  It's not that fancy, just your typical peeling blade attached to a plastic and rubberized round handle designed to sit in the palm of your hand.  The goal is to make peeling easier and more efficient.

We have a variety of items that we use to test out this peeler.  Harder skinned items include carrots, a cucumber, two potatoes, a turnip, and an apple.  The softer skinned items are a kiwi fruit and a tomato.

The Swift Peeler has no problem slicing the outer skin in thin layers to peel the carrot.  After a few passes, some peel bunches up between the blade and handle, but a shake and a tug removes most of the gathered peels.  The cucumber peels just as quickly.  Light pressure and even strokes is all it takes.

The potato skins peel away with no sweat at all.  The Swift Peeler takes only a thin layer, so you aren't wasting any of white insides of the potato.  I'm also amazed at the ease of peeling the turnip.  It completely pulls the stem off the bottom.  The apple skins and is ready to eat in a matter of seconds.

Moving on to the softer skinned items, the tomato and kiwi both involve some initial caress and effort to break the tender skin.  Once the process starts, it's not too difficult to finish with a delicate hand.

Overall, the hard and thick skinned items were a breeze to peel with the Swift Peeler.  While the peeler works on our soft skinned and tender tomato and kiwi, it wasn't necessarily the easiest peeler to use but it certainly works.

This unit is dishwasher safe, but a quick bath in soapy water works as well.  The blade is double sided, so left handed folks can use it as well.  Please use care, the blade is sharp and can and will cut your skin if you don't pay attention.  It was easier and more efficient for most of our peeling, so the Swift Peeler slices it way to a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  You'll love the price.  We picked up this mini-peeler locally for only a dollar.

Web Extra:  What can I say; it's a bargain for sure!  Only a buck for a peeler that was super easy to use and clean.  The way the peeler sits in your palm really makes it feel natural to peel the veggies and fruits, especially the round ones.  It seems more like a smooth flow.  Again, the peels are very thin.  You can make the peels deeper with more pressure in some cases.  In my case, like I said, the harder more common items to peel, I would greatly recommend this product.  The kiwi and tomato required a lot of finesse in comparison to using a paring knife or a different peeler, but again it still finished the job.  Good luck, and be careful.  I was talking to someone with wet hands and a wet turnip.  This resulted in me cutting my finger, which just confirms the sharpness of the blade and why you need to be extra careful!

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