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McAfee out, Warren in as Bucs head coach

By Tom Annino - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Turns out the Bucs have a new head coach after all.

Shadrick McAfee is no longer the head coach of the Louisiana Swashbucklers.  Team owner Thom Hager said during a press conference he "initiated" the conversation where he and McAfee agreed it was time to make a head coaching change.  Hager maintains the decision for McAfee to leave was mutual.

I asked Hager directly during the press conference if McAfee was fired or if McAfee resigned.  Here's Hager's response:

"That's a great question, Tom," Hager said.  "That's a tough question because there's actually some elements that we're still negotiating with McAfee on.  Actually, I'm looking at it – we're moving him into another position.  Without going into great detail, it involves the SIFL (Southern Indoor Football League) as opposed to the Louisiana Swashbucklers."

"I called (McAfee) in," Hager said.  "I'm the one that initiated that conversation.  I had some issues.  We sat down and it was a mutual decision.  I mean, all he's got to do, honestly Tom, is he looks at the 2-3 (overall record) on the year and he realizes something's not clicking also.  That lends itself to open discussion at that point.  We knew we had to do something."

A phone call to Shadrick McAfee was not immediately returned.

So now the Bucs need a new head coach.

Enter Bucs defensive coordinator Michael Warren.

Warren, one of former Bucs head coach Darnell Lee's top assistants during his time with the Swashbucklers, will take over for McAfee as the new head coach.

"There's just a swagger that we're going to bring back to the Swashbucklers; the element of surprise that you all have learned to love and the winning seasons that you all have wanted and have been longing for and we've been giving you over the years," Warren said.

"There's going to be a few changes, but all in all, we're going to get the team back to where it's supposed to be," Warren said.  "And that is winning, nothing else, nothing less."

When asked if he would take on McAfee as an assistant coach, Warren said he would consider it.

Lee was in attendance at the press conference.  He was back in Lake Charles because his current team, the Alaska Wild, is on a bye week.  Lee says Warren has his full support.

"Coach Warren is going to bring a lot to the table," Lee said.  "He's a man of character.  He has strong values.  He's a family man and also, he knows the game of football."

After winning three championships as head coach of the Swashbucklers, Lee left the organization after last season and is in his first season as the head coach of the Alaska Wild in the Indoor Football League.

Lee was actually contacted by the Swashbucklers about taking over for McAfee, Hager said.  Lee then told 7Sports he was close to returning to the Bucs, but decided to stay on as the head coach in Alaska.  Lee said he did not rule out coming back to the Bucs at some point in the future, even as one of Warren's assistant coaches.

"If something happens in Alaska, I'll be back in a heartbeat," Lee said.  "I don't care if he needs me to be an equipment manager.  It wouldn't matter.  However I could contribute to keep it going, I'll do it."

For the second time this season, Louisiana has a sub-five hundred record at 2-3.  Their last game was an overtime loss to Lafayette, 59-52.

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