La. updates public on fishing closures in the Gulf

From the LDWF:

BATON ROUGE - The state of Louisiana on Tuesday offered an update on fishing closures in the Gulf of Mexico because of the oil spill.

Shrimp Harvesting

The special shrimp season in Zone 1 and Zone 2 will close today at 6:00 pm.  Last week, Secretary Barham announced a special shrimp season in these state waters due to potential effects from the Gulf oil spill.

LDWF biologists collected data that indicates the marketable white shrimp have been harvested and the juvenile brown shrimp remain. In an effort to preserve the smaller brown shrimp, the season has been closed.  This closure is not a result of oil-effected water.

The opening dates for the 2010 spring inshore shrimp season will be set by the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission which meets this Thursday, May 6.

Shrimp harvesting does remain open in the territorial waterways.

Please see map for closure area.

Recreational and Commercial Fishing

LDWF in coordination with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospital issued the closure of both recreational and commercial fishing and oyster harvesting in Zone 1, excluding the coastal boundaries of Lake Borgne, Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Maurepas.

Please see map for closure area.

Federal Waters Closed

NOAA has restricted fishing until at least May 12, 2010, in federal waters most affected by the BP oil spill, largely between Louisiana state waters at the mouth of the Mississippi River to waters off Florida's Pensacola Bay.