CPSB balances their budget for next school year

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - After many rounds of discussion at Tuesday night's budget meeting, the Calcasieu Parish School Board has finally balanced their budget.

At Tuesday's meeting the board cut $1,895,119 in spending, which left the balanced portion of their general fund at $261,001,035.

Administrative staff compiled a list of additional items the board discussed as possible cuts at Tuesday night's meeting.

School board president Joe Andrepont made the motion to cut transportation to Lake Charles Boston Learning Academy.

"I think cutting transportation and saving $500,000 can definitely save some jobs," said Andrepont.

The motion to cut transportation passed 7 to 5.

The board also voted to cut the "Step Increases," which are raises teachers receive with each year they teach.

While the board left the "Step Increases" on the budget cut list, school board member Bryan Baroque made a motion that gave hope for the teachers.

"The step increases will be reinstated before any cost of any type other than filling the necessary teacher slots," said Larocque.

This means the district does plan to reinstate these raises for the teachers once there is money in the budget available to allot for that purpose.

As for the other teaching positions that still remain on the cut list, school officials said those numbers could fluctuate before next school year.

"We may have people who decide to retire or leave this summer," said Wayne Savoy, Superintendent of Calcasieu Parish Schools. "During summer we're always hiring teachers. We'll do everything we can to notify those teachers who have worked for us whether or not they will have a job at that moment."

The budget committee will submit their report to the board for approval at the next school board meeting on May 11th.

If you would like to see a copy of the full list of cuts, click on "School Budget Proposal" to the right.

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