Australian Super Tans

Owners: Staci & Wade Boudoin
1) 4435 Nelson Rd LC,La 70605
2) 3113 Ryan St LC,La 70601
3) 190 N. Cities Service Hwy Sulphur,La 70663
4) 4626 Nelson Rd LC,La 70605

Aussie Salon & Day Spa
Phone Numbers:
1) 477-5014
2) 491-0925
3) 626-0925
4) 562-2040

Days of Operations:
These vary by store location & by the time of the year at the tanning salons.
Our current times are as follows:
Mon-Fri 8am-9pm
Sat 9am-5pm
Sun 11am-4pm T
he day spa hours are Tues-Sat 9am-5pm

Our Tanning salon offer UV and UV Free tanning. We also have a retail boutique area in our front lobby. In our retail we carry many different Fleur de lis items, candles, decorative luggage, etc. Our tanning retail is a full line of tanning lotions for tanning and after tanning.

We have been in business for 17 years. What makes us different from our competitors?
1) Many tanning salons have come and gone but we have stayed. We have been here for our customers year after year. We are a company that customers can depend on.
2) Our salons are large, nice, upscale salons without the upscale prices.
3) We us only the Best tanning equipment to insure our customers are overly satisfied with their tan.
4) All of our staff are "Smart Tan" certified. This is a training course that teaches employees how to use the tanning equipment properly and how to explain it to the customers. They are also taught about tanning exposure schedules, about tanning products and the myths about tanning. These courses are required by law but many salons do not send their staff.
5) Our salons are kept very clean and our customer service out ways all others.

We hope to always grow and add new things for our customers. One of my concerns this year is the unnecessary "Tan Tax". I hope that having to add this new government tax to our clients doesn't keep people from frequenting our business. The economy has been bad enough on small business' but we hope the future will soon look brighter.