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Heavy flooding causes expectant mother to give birth at home

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES,LA (KPLC) - We have all heard the expression, if it can go wrong it will go wrong. Nila Halloran, of Moss Bluff, said she did not know what to do when her daughter, living several states away, went into labor and was unable to get out.

"With the roads being flooded, EMS could not get to them, and couldn't even get them to an outlying hospital," said Halloran. "They got on the internet, and emailed everyone that they could think of, saying this is the situation that we are in, this is where we're at, anyone that can help, please do."

Surprisingly, help came. Via iChat the Banker family, in Nashville described that day.

"I think, at first, it was just kind of surreal. We were joking about a home birth, but I thought there was still some hope," said Cindy Banker.

But, no hospital did not mean no hope. The Bankers, unknowingly, lived right next door to a home health nurse, and in response to that email, next door quickly became almost like a hospital. A surgeon from Vanderbilt showed up, two pediatricians dropped in, and a high risk O.B doctor heard the news, and walked a mile to eventually deliver their baby.

"I was so overwhelmed with people so willing to come out and help," said Cindy Banker.

With so many people there to help, Cindy's husband, James said there was not much for him to do.

"I was freaking out on the inside. I was doing my best not to show that on the outside, for Cindy. I was trying to be supportive for her," said James Banker.

Looking back, the Bankers said they will always have a story to tell, on how little Clare Baker came into the world.

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