Jindal calling on fishermen for oil spill cleanup help

By Michael Addison - email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Only time will tell how big the impact will be along the Gulf Coast as the oil from that massive spill in the Gulf reaches the shoreline.

Here's a look at what developed overnight: Long thin lines of oil are lapping against the Louisiana shoreline and reaching into the Mississippi River Delta this morning; Governor Jindal is calling on fishermen to help in the clean up effort. They're being recruited to help deploy booms; and today.. senior Obama administration officials will visit the spill site to determine how the federal government will respond.

Crews in boats are already patrolling coastal marshes this morning.

Oil continues to spill from a blown-out well at a rate of about 210,000 gallons a day.

Meanwhile, Governor Jindal is putting out a call to all fisherman to help in the cleanup effort.

BP is expected to hire local fishermen to help them deploy booms in the Gulf because of their extensive knowledge of these waters.

BP is calling this the Vessel of Opportunities Program and through it, BP is looking to contract shrimp boats, oyster boats and other vessels for hire.

Fishermen should call 425-745-8017 for more information.

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