Fire at sawmill in DeQuincy

DEQUINCY, LA (KPLC) - Thursday afternoon the Ward 6 fire department was called out to an old sawmill in DeQuincy. Officials say some men were cutting wood and metal when some embers dropped to the ground causing sawdust to catch fire.

"We got a report earlier today about the sawdust catching on fire again," said Teri Gilland with the Ward 6 fire department.

It quickly spread, catching an old sawmill on fire. Fire fighters say the flames are out, but  nearby residents will have to deal with the smoke for several days.

"We've been out here before, we've done this before. It took days and days to get it extinguished," said Gilland.

"This is not the first time the fire department has been out to that sawmill. They said that the extremely dry conditions, along with five acres of property, covered in five feet of wood chips and saw dust makes for extremely dangerous conditions.

To prevent houses and woods in the area surrounding the mill from catching fire, the fire department has called out forestry to dig a fire lane around the entire mill.

"Without forestry, I have no idea what we would do with this thing. There is really no way we can contain it in this area without them," said Gilland.

Fire fighters said, even more than the trench, they could really use something we have not seen a whole lot of, this year.

"We need a lot of rain. We need more than just a day of rain, or two days of rain, or even three or four days. We need a good, steady, drenching rain, for a couple of weeks, to get out of this bind that we are in," said Gilland.

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