Jeff Davis parish tax election

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If the grass gets cut, buildings receive repairs, and the light bill gets paid, it all comes out of the maintenance fund. On Saturday, Jeff Davis voters in Lake Arthur and Hathaway will have to decide if they want to keep two different property taxes on the books. The money from those taxes will go toward maintenance on schools in those districts.

Jeff Davis schools Superintendent, David Clayton, said neither of the two propositions are a tax increase. In Hathaway, a 3.3 mills property tax, used to pay off a bond, is about to expire. The Jeff Davis school board would like to renew and rededicate that tax.

"We would like voters to approve to move that 3.3 mills over to the Hathaway maintenance fund," said Clayton.

In Lake Arthur, the school board proposes a continuation, and reduction of a ten year property tax, also used for maintenance at Lake Arthur schools.

"The original tax was for 9 mills, and this one is reduced to 7.71 mills. So, it's actually a tax decrease," said Clayton.

The faculty and staff believe the tax issues voters will decide on this Saturday are absolutely essential for school maintenance.

"Without that tax renewal our schools will suffer. Our schools would not be as well maintained as they are. Our students would not have a clean, and welcoming environment to come to everyday," said Laurie Duhon, Lake Arthur High School Teacher.

"It pays for the lighting, keeping the grounds clean, mowing the yards, keeping the tractors running, the air conditioning, cleaning the grounds around the schools," said Vicki Broussard,

Lake Arthur high school librarian.

On Saturday, some Jeff Davis voters will have to decide if those tasks are worth the taxes it takes. If both tax propositions were to pass, in Lake Arthur it is expected to raise over $175-thousand a year, and in Hathaway it is expected to raise over $38-thousand a year.

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