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Operation "Tiger Claw" targets cocaine dealing in DeQuincy

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DEQUINCY, LA (KPLC) - At least eight arrests had been made in a drug round up in the DeQuincy area.It's the culmination of an investigation that took more than a year and it aims to shut down much of the cocaine distribution in the DeQuincy area.

Detectives with the combined anti-drug task force descended on DeQuincy for the culmination of a fourteen month investigation code named Tiger Claw-- their first stop the residence and business of Terry Holmes-- a man investigators say is the target and main supplier of cocaine and marijuana in the DeQuincy area. He was arrested without incident.

Said Mayor Lawrence Henagan, "We don't need this in our town and I'm glad to see it, it's just a start to getting the streets cleaned up. But the drug round up also aimed to bring in thirteen others-- most considered mid level dealers under Holmes...law officers worked in teams throughout the day rounding up suspects-- each charged with at least one count of drug distribution."

 District Attorney John DeRosier said, "I think the most important thing is the message that if you deal drugs in calcasieu parish, we're gonna take your drugs, we're gonna take your money, we're going to take your assets and then we're going to put you in jail. So, if you deal drugs here, just be patient. We'll come to you."

 Officials say the arrests should put a major dent in drug trafficking in the DeQuincy area.in this area.  Henagan expressed optimism.  "Hopefully a big impact and get the message out that we're not going to tolerate it. We don't want the drugs on our streets and if you intend to live that kind of lifestyle you need to find another place to live. You're not welcome in DeQuincy."

 In a news conference toward the end of the raid law enforcement officials agreed operation Tiger Claw is a success.  Said Sheriff Tony Mancuso, "This was targeted for cocaine and crack. As a result we have gotten information and Intel on some theft rings and also some methamphetamine activities that are going on and some prescription drug problems that are going on here in DeQuincy. So this investigation has come to a conclusion today but we're not finished here in DeQuincy. Bond for those suspected of dealing drugs ranges from $40,000 to a half million dollars for Holmes."

Of the fourteen suspects, two were already in jail and at last word there are four remaining fugitives.

One of those they are still looking for-- 20 year old Joshua Brooks of DeQuincy, is also wanted for some home invasions in south Lake Charles.

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