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Teen speaks out about YouTube fight videos

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WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC-TV) – One week ago, KPLC aired a story about a Moss Bluff mother concerned about what looked like a teenage fight club with videos posted on a YouTube channel. The teenager who recorded the fights said the last week of his life has been a living nightmare.

Christy Eastin said her teenage son suffered serious injuries as a result of one of the fights.

"My son [came] home with his face all beat up and bleeding out of his ear," said Eastin.

Eastin said she sent her son to live out of state so he would no longer participate in any more of the fights.

"I wish they'd stop all of it because they're doing nothing but hurting each other," she said.


But the 17-year-old owner of the YouTube account where the videos were posted said there is no such fight club and none of the fights were set-up.

Trey Augustine said he and a few friends were simply having fun, like other teens their age. Augustine said when he and his friends were bored, they'd sometimes go outside in the backyard with gloves to box.

"We just recorded the boxing matches for fun," said Augustine. "[We just watched] what we did wrong, what we did right, trying to learn how to box."

Augustine said everyone at his school now thinks he's some sort of "kingpin" fight club leader. Augustine said many people have even called him asking to join his fight club.

Augustine admits it was a mistake to record the fights.

He said he's been questioned by the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department because of his videos. The sheriff's department recently confiscated his cell phone, with many of the videos on it.

Augustine said Eastin's son was one of his friends who participated in the backyard fights. Augustine said he had nothing to do with Eastin's son getting injured. Augustine said he simply recorded the fight.

Of the 72 videos posted to Augustine's YouTube channel, only about a dozen or so were of fights.

Augustine has since deleted his YouTube channel. He said he will not record or post any more fights in the future, having learned his lesson.

"It's not good to box in the backyard," he said. "If you want to box or learn how to do anything, take it to a professional gym. We don't do this in the backyard anymore. No matter how cautious you are, it's not the right thing to do."

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department said the investigation is ongoing.

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