Cash for Appliances begins today in Louisiana

By Jason Belk - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The "Cash for Appliances" program began today in Louisiana and has many stores in the area busy with people rushing to get their savings.

John Phelps has been waiting to replace his appliances for quite some time now.

When he heard about the program, he knew exactly what he would be doing this morning.

"We've been wanting to buy appliances for some time and upgrade, and we heard about the program so we decided to hold off and wait for the program to start and so we were ready to take advantage of this situation," said Phelps.

Stores like Sears, where energy saving appliances that are eligible for the rebate are, say traffic has been very steady throughout the morning hours.

"With the savings we have on our appliances as well as the money you get back from the state there is a big buzz in the store. We have a lot of traffic going through and looking at the qualifying appliances," Lon Bonin, a Sears store manager.

Customers, like Phelps, believe the savings will not last long.

"You better jump on, I really believe if you don't get it in the first week, you're going to be too late, you're going to miss out on the free money from the government." said Phelps, "We saved 400 dollars, we got 400 dollars from the government for the purchases we made today, that's huge."

The savings weren't even the only thing that had John feeling good about the program.

"We're getting older, inefficient appliances out of people's homes recycled, we're getting more efficient items in our homes, so our energy usage is down, we're less dependent of foreign oil, and we get new appliances. We got a new fridge, a new dishwasher and a new stove, it's great," said Phelps.

With the way appliances are selling the program may not last long in Louisiana.

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