LSU player from Elton drafted to Saints

By Tiffany Blackmon - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) –   So far Al Woods' life journey could not be scripted any better.

The defensive tackle cultivated his football skills at Elton High School in Louisiana, made a name for himself at LSU, and on the final day of the NFL Draft, Woods learned he would continue his career at the next level as a New Orleans Saint.

The Super Bowl champs acquired Woods in the fourth round in a trade with the Arizona Cardinals. Woods was the 123rd Pick overall. He was overwhelmed with emotions when he finally received a phone call from the Saints.

"When I got the call, me and my girlfriend, a bunch of my friends, we were just sitting down in the yard just talking because I was starting to get nervous and I really didn't want to sit down in front of the t.v.," said Woods.

"I was outside fooling around and my phone rings and my homeboy called one of my phones and the Saints called my draft day phone so I'm looking and I'm like okay....I dropped my I-Phone on the ground and took off running.  I answered the call and he was like hey man what are you doing? [I said] nothing coach, just sitting around waiting for my name to be called and he said this is the New Orleans Saints we're going to move up to get you."

Woods continued, "I literally jumped about this high, literally about that high and then I just sat on the ground.  [He was] talking to me and I was just taking it all in for a minute and it's a great feeling."

Woods was surrounded by family and friends, as well as his teammates at LSU. Running backs Stevan Ridley and Richard Murphy were almost just as excited as Woods when they heard the news.

"I called him and of course his girlfriend answered or something...but he was excited man, he was happy, so I'm just glad to be here I really am," said Ridley.

"It's the perfect place for him right near home… in New Orleans," said Murphy. "I was like congratulations. I'm going to try and be at every game I can be [at]. I'm going to try my best to make it to any games possible."

Three of Woods' LSU teammates were also selected on the final day of the draft. Linebacker Perry Riley, the 103rd overall pick, was drafted by the Washington Redskins. Kick returner Trindon Holliday was selected as the 197th pick by the Houston Texans, and running back Charles Scott, the 200th pick overall, was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles.

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