Lake Charles residents recall their experience on the tipping Carnival Ecstasy

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Thirty-six Lake Charles residents were on board when Carnival Ecstasy tipped to avoid hitting a large buoy in the water Wednesday afternoon.

The group of folks from the lake area were part of a wine cruise put together by The Wine Store owners.

Ken Moss of Lake Charles was playing shuffle board on the upper deck Wednesday afternoon just before the ship rocked.

"The whole day was just a beautiful day and the seas were flat like glass," said Moss.

But then there was an unexpected jolt as the ship began to tip.

"We thought someone may have fell overboard and they were turning back around but it kept turning harder and harder to the point where the boat was tilted to the port side," said Moss.

When the ship tipped to avoid a submerged buoy, the maneuver threw people out their seats and even almost sent a child through the railing.

"There was actually a 2-year old child that was hanging on to the edge of the rail," said Moss. "I caught his arm before he fell because his mother couldn't get to him."

"The experience brought thoughts of Titanic to my mind," said Lori Martzahn of Lake Charles.

Martzahn was waiting to get a massage in a room with no windows when the incident occurred.

"The next thing I know the glass table and all of the glasses started flying to the end of the room," said Martzahn. "It scared me to death and shook me up really bad."

While it brought on quite a scare for those aboard, many of the passengers say they're not letting this incident get in the way of their cruising.

"Oh yes, I'll definitely go on a cruise again," said Martzahn.

"That's just one of those one in a million things that I don't think would ever happen again," said Moss. "But I'd just like to know exactly what did happen."

Sixty people were injured on the ship, but no one from the lake area suffered any injuries.

Of all the things broken from the incident, all of the Wine Store's bottles came out without a single crack.

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