Courthouse dome repair complete

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA. (KPLC) - The scaffolding is down and Calcasieu police jurors have accepted the courthouse dome repair as as substantially complete. Work has been underway for about a year partly to repair damage from Hurricane Rita and also to restore the historic dome.

Though it's copper they decided not to polish it but to restore it to the familiar green that occurs naturally with copper over time, so that it will look as it has through history. Says Administrator Bryan Beam, "It took actually close to a year to complete that project due to the intricate design on the dome. But we wanted to honor the history of the whole courthouse and that dome to make sure it looked like it did so the extra time it took to get that right and to light it as well. It is now completed and is a very beautiful dome, especially at night."

The 1890 courthouse burned in the great fire of 1910 that destroyed most of the city. And the courthouse that now stands was completed in 1912 so it's nearly 100 years old.

In other action, Cameron Police Jurors are asking Calcasieu jurors to support an economic development endeavor in their parish. And so, tonight Calcasieu jurors adopted a resolution supporting Cameron's idea to establish a deep water seaport terminal in Cameron Parish.

It would serve the offshore industry. Calcasieu Police Jury President Kevin Guidry says they are pleased to support Cameron parish's efforts.  "The Cameron Parish Police Jury came to us with a recommendation of support because we feel it's an economic engine for them that's going to increase revenue we feel throughout the State of Louisiana and here in Southwest Louisiana. So, I mean, being that they're our neighbors and stuff we just felt that was the right thing to do as a governing body, give our support on that matter."

Funding for such a project would have to be developed.

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