Man gets ten years for killing brother

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) -Just like the story of Cain and Abel in the bible --it's a case of a man who killed his brother. And it shows that anger and alcohol can be a deadly mix. Shannon Wright was sentenced today for killing his brother.

It's a killing in which family members of the victim and the perpetrator are one in the same. September 30th last year their mother says she lost two sons-- Jimmy Lastrape who died from a stab wound inflicted by his younger brother Shannon Wright who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in February.

At sentencing Wright's mother begged for a light sentence saying her younger son is all she has left. Cousin Nicole Sims speaks for the family. "Shannon did not intentionally mean to kill Jimmy and it was definitely just an argument that escalated to a fatal ending."

Wright's brother jimmy had three small children ages four, three and one who now have no father. Prosecutor John Coffman admits it's one of the most senseless killings he's seen."I have so much sympathy for the mother in this case. On the one hand she's lost a son already, on the other hand she's contemplating losing the other son for decades or more. That's what makes this so sad and I did not envy Judge Wyatt having to make a decision in this case."

Judge Robert Wyatt gave Wright  ten years in prison. And while family members are convinced Wright did not mean to kill his brother, they admit alcohol and anger were a deadly combination. Says Nicole, "Everyone was so used to them as brothers arguing and then putting it aside and then arguing and putting it aside that we overlooked that fact that sometimes arguments escalate into violence. Alcohol was definitely a catalyst."

They hope one day, after rehabilitation and counseling Wright can become a contributing member of society.

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