CPSB takes action on budget issues at April meeting

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Instead of making cuts at Tuesday night's board meeting, the Calcasieu Parish School Board began taking items off the chopping block for next school year.

The board started out their meeting with the task of making up for close to 1.3 million dollars.

But after hearing some discussion about different items on the budget proposal, the board voted to remove some of those proposed cuts from the budget packet.

One of the items that will not be cut in Calcasieu Parish Schools is In-school-Isolation for the middle school and high school grade levels.

Two other items taken off of the budget packet include the proposal to cut the A.P. and gifted and talented consultants along with a public information clerk.

After taking these items off of the budget packet, it brought their budget shortfall to total of 1.8 million dollars - that's $500,000 more than what they started the meeting with.

Those were the only cuts taken off of the budget proposal at Tuesday night's meeting.

When considering the 105 proposed teacher cuts, the financial committee said they will do their best to keep from eliminating teacher positions.

"We're hearing what everybody's saying, obviously we don't want to cut teachers," said Karl Bruchhaus, the Chief Financial Officer for Calcasieu Parish Schools. "We're going to say that there's going to be no more teacher cuts, that's probably not realistic. But we're going to try to minimize that as much as we can as we have so far."

The school board plans to have another budget meeting to discuss other possible cuts sometime next week.

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