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A new procedure for a common sports injury

By Tiffany Blackmon - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) –  A torn anterior crucial ligament, or ACL, is a knee injury that many athletes can sustain.

The ACL is one of two cruciate ligaments in the knee.

Dr. David Drez, an orthopedic surgeon at Memorial Hospital stated, "The role of those ligaments primarily is to curl backward and forward motions, so it stabilizes the knee and keeps it from moving to far forward or to far back."

A tear in the ACL can cause the knee to give out, but through a new technique doctors are now able to better reconstruct the ligament.

Dr. Drez preformed the ACL ligament reconstruction technique today with the help of his former student, Dr. Charles Beck, an orthopedic surgeon who works in Salt Lake City, Utah.

"The technique that he [Dr. Beck] has developed and innovated provides a much stronger fixation for the graph as we do the surgery," said Dr. Drez.

Dr. Beck stated, "The main reason the surgery is done is to get that patient back to an active lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle without causing further damage to the knee."

One of the ways this new procedure accomplishes those goals is by drilling less incisions into the knee and leg. The other difference between this type of ACL surgery and previous techniques is that it will more accurately replicate the knees original anatomy.

"If the graph is reproducing the anatomy more normally and the knee has more normal kinematics and more biomechanics, theoretically the knee can have more natural function," said Dr. Beck.

A  better graph will allow the ACL to heal tighter and lead to a more stable knee, which could minimize the chances of re-injury.

After surgery, the recovery time  for an athlete involved in sports that cause them to twist or make quick cuts is typically five to six months.

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