LCFD has new equipment to better serve community

By Tiffany Blackmon - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) –The Lake Charles Fire Department is now better equipped to aid the community in emergency situations.

The LCFD has accumulated $100,000.00 over the past few years, and have now purchased new medical equipment with the money. The LCFD does not respond to medical calls, but they are now better equipped to stabilize a patient until Acadian Ambulance arrives.

Captain Kenneth Brown stated, "If somebody is trapped in a structure fire and we were able to get them out and they're not breathing, this equipment will better help serve them to them and get them back as soon as possible."

The LCFD has purchased 20 medical bags for trauma emergencies, 20 oxygen bags, and 20 automatic external defibrillators, or A.E.D's to aid those in cardiac arrest.

Prior to receiving new equipment, firefighters used one bag to hold their medical equipment. During emergencies, sometimes it could become challenging for firefighters to sort out and put together necessary equipment, like an oxygen tank.

Brown explained the steps to set up the oxygen tank, while a patient is in need of oxygen. "These old bag… are approximately ten years old, [firefighters had to] basically pull the tank out, hook the oxygen regulator up, [and] make sure everything is lined up, use an O2 wrench..."

Brown then explained how much easier it is to set up an oxygen tank with the new separate oxygen bag.

"All the firefighter has to do is open his [oxygen] mask, pull this little tab off, hook the oxygen up, and turn it on," said Brown.

The LCFD can respond faster to a patients needs by designating a bag for each type of emergency.

Brown stated, "If we respond to a structure fire or extrication or something like that, we now have more equipment to help better serve the community."

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