SWLA Tea Party

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The common theme among tea party goers is spending. They believe the government should not be so free with our tax dollars.

"I am concerned about the debt of our government. I am concerned that we are developing a socialist society, and I'm not real happy about that," said Richard Burbank.

Tea party members said one example of too much government spending is the new healthcare law.

"I don't think government should enter into private industry. That's not my thought, that's the constitution," said Milton Estabrooks.

Hundreds of people descended on the Lake Charles amphitheater to let their voices be heard. Traditionally, when you think of tea party, you think of older to middle aged Americans, but that is not always the case. There were plenty of younger people in the crowd with concerns of their own.

"They're taking God and Christ own of our government. I think that's what our government was really based upon," said Vanessa Trost.

Critics have claimed the tea party movement is laced with  ignorance and racism, but southwest Louisiana tea party goers said they will have no part of such hatred.

"We have no room. We have no room at our table for racism. We are not about that. That is not who we are, and I would take that person on and challenge that person to educate themselves on who we are as a people," said Estabrooks.

Tea party members said the tea party movement is neither Democrat or Republican, but rather conservative. They say if things do not change they have a strong message for politicians, on either side, come election day.

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