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Shake Weight

The Shake Weight. The Shake Weight.
The Shake Weight claim is on the box. The Shake Weight claim is on the box.
Shaking faster gives more resistance. Shaking faster gives more resistance.
The Shake Weight comes with a workout DVD. The Shake Weight comes with a workout DVD.
Traditional weight exercises are part of the workout. Traditional weight exercises are part of the workout.

Written by Lauren Keith - bio | email
Edited by Jeff Jumper - bio | email

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS/KPLC) – Makers of the Shake Weight promise well-toned, sculpted arms in just six minutes a day, but does it work?  Supposedly, the Shake Weight works through something called "dynamic inertia."  This device is not battery operated, but instead, the faster you shake it the harder the workout.

 Terry Eakins was willing to help us out as our tester for the Shake Weight.  Once she got the hang of it, she put in the workout DVD.  In just six minutes a day, Terry's arms are supposed to become well-defined.

"I have regular weights. It's kind of the same thing," she noted.

That's definitely true. In fact, normal weight-lifting is part of the Shake Weight routine, like classic chest exercises and tricep pullbacks.  She noted for many exercises, it's like holding a traditional free-weight in her hand.

Terry vowed to do the six minute workout every day for several weeks.  We even measured her arms so we could check back for any differences later.

A few weeks later, Terry's ready to shake loose of the Shake Weight.

Terry explained, "I think you'll get better results with a regular weight regime than with the Shake Weight."

Personal trainer Nan Blattel's first reaction was to laugh at it, much like everyone else.  "It is laughable, but the thing is they're making dumbbells harder than they should be," said the trainer.

She also said you're fooling yourself if you think your arms will look like the model's arms with only six minutes a day on the light Shake Weight.  "Being two and a half pounds, it's not going to tone your upper body like that," said Nan.

Nan said you have to be on a proper diet as well.  Also, a cardio workout should to go along with the toning.

Terry said all this shaking caused her neck and back to hurt a bit at first.  Plus, this product didn't live up to that six minute claim either.

Terry said, "It didn't take long for me to realize it's longer than a six-minute workout."

Common sense tells us that's probably why Terry did see a little improvement in toning.  The extra time plus the regular ole' arm moves are most likely what caused her to lose about a quarter-inch off her arms.  Terry was not thrilled with her results.

As far as trainer Blattel, she said, "Honestly, I wouldn't use it."

So the $20 Shake Weight gets a flabby NO for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

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