LDWF announces partial drawdown of Chicot Lake

The following is a news release from the  L D W F :

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) has scheduled a drawdown for Chicot Lake, just north of Ville Platte, to begin on April 26, 2010, for herbicide application to control the nuisance aquatic plant hydrilla. This is the fourth application since 2003, each yielding excellent results.

The water level will be lowered two feet from pool stage at a rate of two to three inches per day beginning April 26. The gates will close on May 3, 2010, or once the lake is lowered to the required level. It is expected that the herbicide application will be made on May 4, 2010, barring any significant rainfall.

Although the lake will not be closed to fishing, boaters are advised to maintain a safe distance from LDWF boats performing the application on the north end of the lake and near the south landing. The herbicide purchased for this application is SONAR PR® and SONAR Q brand of fluridone. This EPA approved herbicide interferes with the plant's ability to produce food and causes the plant to slowly break down. The herbicide has no water use restrictions and is not harmful to fish.

Fluridone, an active ingredient in SONAR, needs to be in contact with the vegetation for at least 30 days for effective control. The removal of 2 feet of water from the lake prior to the application will allow for better concentration of the herbicide in the event of a significant rainfall. This application will not eradicate hydrilla from the waterbody, but will significantly increase access and enhance opportunities for recreational activities