New pier in Lake Arthur thanks to Mayor Giles

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE ARTHUR, LA (KPLC) - Senior citizens always seem to be able to stretch a dollar further or find a new use for something that might otherwise be headed for the trash heap. Such is the case in Lake Arthur where the 80 year old mayor designed a new fishing and sightseeing pier built from parts of Lake Charles boardwalk torn up in Hurricane Rita.

Red Giles has been the mayor of Lake Arthur off and on some twenty years. And he doesn't want to sound like he's braggin',  but he designed the new fishing and sightseeing pier here.  It's made from chunks of what used to be the boardwalk behind the Lake Charles Civic Center. "It got shook up pretty bad after Hurricane Rita. I contacted them after I found out that they were going to abandon it. And it was graciously donated to the town by the mayor and the council."

This hands on mayor was tickled to get the remnants of the boardwalk that arrived in piles stacked up near the lake, only to become the beautiful pier he can't wait to unveil to the public. "We had real talented people here and we had a little grant to take care of driving the pilings and other than that we couldn't afford to contract it out, you know.  We just didn't have that kind of money so what we did is take our local people, and one of our top hands with the city is so talented, I mean it's scary how good he is and we built it and we're all excited about that."

The mayor even helped apply the redwood stain to the pier and picnic tables made from the boardwalk scraps too. Giles explains, "What's unique the boats can tie up at the end, it's good to fish off of, we have a center part where the kids can play in the sand and their parents can watch 'em real close. It's just going to be a big asset to the town for recreation."

Even a ladder from an old sewerage plant has been reincarnated into one to help swimmers climb in and out of the lake.

And if one is impressed that Giles is so active at the age of 80, well,  he says you're only as old as you feel. Reporter: In "how you feel" years how old are you?" Says Giles with a smile, "Probably about 52."

The mayor says they will have a great celebration and ribbon cutting on the new fishing and sight seeing pier at eleven tomorrow morning at Lake Arthur park

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