Auction on FEMA Trailers in DeRidder

By Jason Belk - bio | email

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - An all day auction selling FEMA trailers took place in DeRidder's fairgrounds this afternoon.

The event attracted people from all over looking for a deal on one of their many trailers.

"Today we came out to see if we could buy a travel trailer or something, it's just an unreal experience that we just wanted to see and we've been looking for a very long time. You can get just great deals out here," said Scott Boudreaux, who participated in the auction.

The trailer auction is bringing out many people who have never been part of an auction before, but by almost all accounts, the buyers are leaving happy.

"It's my first auction and I was a little nervous at first, the guy speaks kind of fast and I wasn't exactly sure what was going on at first. After I watched them sell one or two, I made some offers on a few of them and then we got the exact one we wanted," said Allen Joyner, who purchased a trailer.

Low prices is good news for those buying, but the large crowds also meant good news for those selling.

"Feedback has been unreal, people have been excited about the opportunities they have been able to take advantage of. They've brought their children out here, they've got their mothers, daddies, people are buying units for other members of their families," said Robert Kite, who owns the trailers.

As the trailers sold one by one all afternoon, many left satisfied and looking forward to their next auction experience.

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