Some McNeese students take off their shoes for a good cause

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Most likely you have heard of the expression, to put yourself in my shoes, Some McNeese students have given that a whole new meaning, by taking off their shoes.

"I just want to raise the awareness that there are kids in other countries that don't have shoes, and that is their main means of transportation, it's walking," said McNeese student, Leila Soileau.

To raise that awareness, some students went from class to class, walking barefoot the whole time.

"[Some say] What are those people doing without any shoes on, you know. It not usual to see people like that," said another student.

But, the awkward looks and questions some students said gave them an opportunity to get others involved.

"That's what all of these guys are out here for, is to support that cause. I just think it's amazing that these McNeese students are getting together and participating in something," said McNeese student, Jesse Davis.

"We take so many things for granted, especially little things like our shoes. It just gives us an opportunity to spend a day in someone else's shoes, for people not as fortunate as us," said McNeese student, Hanna Benoit.

"It does make me think about the people who don't have the ability to have shoes, and protect their feet," said McNeese student, Silas Washington.

This barefoot movement at McNeese is not the only one of it's kind. A company called Tom's shoes promises to donate a pair of shoes to the less fortunate for every pair someone buys. McNeese student, Taylor Gremillion set up a Facebook page, encouraging others to join her in taking off the shoes.

"I got an email saying that April 8 is no wear shoes day. I was like, that would be really cool thing to start on campus, and get it going campus wide," said Gremillion.

If you would like to help provide shoes to the less fortunate. click on Toms shoes for a link to their website.

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