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Neckline Slimmer

The Neckline Slimmer kit. The Neckline Slimmer kit.
Assembly is relatively simple. Assembly is relatively simple.
Tressa tries one of the exercises. Tressa tries one of the exercises.
You can change the springs for greater resistance. You can change the springs for greater resistance.
Springs are color coated based on tension. Springs are color coated based on tension.

Written by Lauren Keith - bio | email
Edited by Jeff Jumper - bio | email

PIEDMONT, MO (KFVS/KPLC) – With only two minutes each day, the Neckline Slimmer promises to take inches off your double-chin.  The commercial claims, "It does for your neckline, what exercise does for your body."

Tressa Robbins is ready to test out the claim of the Neckline Slimmer for herself.  She's already shed 45 pounds from her body through exercise and watching what she eats.

"But anytime you lose that amount of weight, you feel like you have extra skin to lose so that's the reason I wanted to take a look at this," says Tressa.

First, we assemble the neck exerciser. The directions tell you to start out with the weakest coils and work your way up through the color-coded levels of resistance in each spring.  She puts the Slimmer into place and gives it a try.

Tressa says, "I mean I can feel a little resistance."

She definitely feels some tension when she opens her jaw, just like one of the examples in the booklet.

"There I feel it…I don't know if it will tighten that skin," says Tressa.

So Tressa used the Neckline Slimmer as instructed for a period of two months.

"I didn't see any results," says Tressa after her two months of usage.

Tressa explains the entire time during her daily routines; she noticed the resistance as anticipated.  She used all the tension level springs; however, she never saw her face and neck tone up, as promised.  Instead, she actually ended up going to the chiropractor because her jaw hurt so much!  She began to have pains in her neck and tension in her muscles around her neck, but found no tightening of her skin.

So it looks like the Neckline Slimmer doesn't tighten up to our "Does it Work?" test demands and gets a flabby NO for this week's test.  The Neckline Slimmer sells for about $20 if you'd like to give it a try for yourself.

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