Easter Sunday special for Lake Charles church

By Jason Belk - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Bethel Metropolitan Baptist Fellowship Church held their Special Resurrection Service this morning.

Friends and family gathered from around Lake Charles to take part in the service.

"This time or year, and this Sunday we're celebrating the Easter advent, which is Resurrection Sunday today. It's a wonderful experience to be sharing today, as well as a reminder of our faith," said Rev. J.L. Franklin, Bethel's Pastor.

The service was filled with song, worship and fellowship amongst members.

For those at Bethel, the Easter Sunday Service is very important to them, but they also enjoy carrying their message throughout every day of the week.

"To me, Easter Sunday is every day of the year. Every day ought to be a day of thanks and giving, not just one Sunday out of the year that you recognize it," said church member, Arthur Lewis.

Ethel Mitchell, another member, also agreed.  Saying, "We come celebrating not only today, but every day is a day of celebration."

As those in attendance listened to Pastor Franklin give his sermon, many were able to walk away understanding what Easter truly means to them.

"It's really a celebration, to celebrate life, to celebrate Jesus' resurrection," said Mark Lewis, "It involves spending time with family, spending time with friends, but even more so importantly, on Sunday morning coming to worship with our church family here at Bethel Metropolitan."

Even as Easter Sunday comes to an end, the joy at Bethel Metropolitan will continue for all to hear.

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