Consumers rush to buy the new iPad in Lafayette

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAFAYETTE, LA (KPLC) - Apple's new iPad became available on Saturday, April 1st and the device almost sold out in some Apple stores in Lafayette.

The iPad is a tablet computer that has a 9.7 inch backlit screen touch screen that is a cross between a lap top computer and an iPhone.

The new device can run all iPhone applications along with some new features as well.

These new applications include Pages, I-Book, and many others.

Kyle Lebeuf, a college student at the University of Louisiana, said he is particularly interested in the new Pages application on the iPad.

In this application, a real size keyboard appears on the screen.

"If I need a big size keyboard I can flip it, and use two hands to type it," said Lebeuf.  "It's not really that much smaller than the keyboard that's on my laptop so it's pretty comfortable to type on."

Lebeuf an also read books for school on the iPad device.

"It lets you read books that you can get at the book store on iTunes and you can flip it and see it just like a book," said Lebeuf.

Price availability for an iPad starts at $699 for a 16 gig device; a 42 gig costs $599 and a 64 gig sales for $699.

Lebeuf said he is all for paying the hefty price.

"To me it's worth it," said Lebeuf. "It's more than just a big iPod touch, you can also use it as a computer."

A plus to this new device is that all of the programs on your iPhone can be directly transferred to your iPad.

"I have a lot of different games and stuff on my I phone so if I wanted to just put all my games on here I could," said Lebeuf.

The Orchard Store in Lafayette began selling their stock of iPads at 11 a.m. and ran out around 12:30 p.m.

They said they do expect to get another stock of iPad devices in sometime next week.

Best Buy in Lake Charles said for now there are no plans on bringing the iPad to the lake area.

The closest Best Buys selling the iPad are in Beaumont and Lafayette.

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