Possible brake failure causes one car crash

By Jason Belk - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A minivan ran off Martin Luther King Highway and into a ditch, leaving a young boy in critical, but stable condition.

According the driver of the van, the brakes apparently stopped working in the van and she was forced to veer off the highway and through a fence, where the car ended up head first in the ditch.

Once the car crashed, a number of people arrived on the scene to help, including David Boudreaux.

"I knew it couldn't be anything good, to make a long story short, basically I knew somebody needed help and that's what this whole community did and we stuck together and went over there and helped the family out," said Boudreaux.

Once Boudreaux arrived, he saw the family and said he knew the young boy was clinging to his life.

"The kid's condition wasn't real good, he wasn't breathing, his lips were turning blue, he had a bad cut on the front of his head that appeared to be on the left side, and he had a contusion that appeared to be on the front side.  He wasn't responding, I tried to get the boy to tell me his name and to tell me how old he was and he wasn't responding," said Boudreaux.

Being a trained first responder, Boudreaux gave the young boy mouth to mouth until the paramedics arrived.

Officials say the young boy remains in critical, but stable condition, and has been flown to New Orleans for further treatment.

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