Tips on filling out your tax forms

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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The April 15 tax return deadline is just around the corner, meaning it is crunch time for those who have not yet filed.

John Owens, who works at Jackson Hewitt had a number of tips and advice for those still working on their taxes.

The most important thing John advised is to keep the process simple and keep in mind, there is such thing as an extension.

"One of the best things right now is to get everything together. If you can't get all of your items together then you need to plan on filing for an extension. An extension is a very simple form to fill out and file. There's an automatic extension granted up to October 15 for filing your tax return," said Owens.

For those that do want to fill out their taxes alone, there is a risk with using one of the many computer programs.

"Every year we get numerous people that come into our office during the summer because they received a letter from the IRS because they did something wrong on their tax return using a software package," said Owens, "The tax law, if you stack it up on a single stack it goes almost like nine and a half feet in height. Just because there's a software package out there, does not mean it's appropriate for everyone."

Most importantly, when filling out a tax return remember to avoid the simple errors.

"The biggest error according to the IRS is simple mathematics, not adding or subtracting correctly," said Owens.

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