State troopers enforce railroad warning signals

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Louisiana State troopers and the Union Pacific Railroad Police conducted a railroad enforcement detail early Thursday morning to promote attentiveness when motorists approach a railroad crossing.

The state troopers kicked off the detail around 6:30 a.m. at two different railroad crossings on Highway 108 in Sulphur.

The detail consisted of state troopers riding aboard a Union Pacific train and watching for motorists driving through the warning lights at railroad crossing.

The troopers aboard the train would relay the information to the officers patrolling the roads so they could chase down those motorists.

The state police fined a total of 25 motorists at two different railroad crossings in a 2-hour time frame.

Sgt. James Anderson of the Louisiana Police Department said this detail is important to the state Louisiana has the sixth highest number of fatalities with train vehicle collisions.

Last year, 11 motorists from Louisiana were killed in vehicle accidents at the railroad crossings.

"If people are paying attention and always looking for a train, then we can hopefully bring that fatality rate down," said Anderson.

Penalties for those ticketed include a $200 fine and possibly 30 days in jail.

"We're not trying to entrap anyone," said. "The purpose of the detail is to promote awareness and promote safety."

Today the state police fined a total of 25 motorists for crossing the tracks to beat the train.

State police said they are preparing for their next enforcement detail in the near future.

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