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Perfect Fit Button

The Perfect Fit Button setup. The Perfect Fit Button setup.
The set comes with two sets of four colors/styles. The set comes with two sets of four colors/styles.
Installation of the Perfect Fit is simple. Installation of the Perfect Fit is simple.
The Perfect Fit is about an inch to the zipper side of the original button. The Perfect Fit is about an inch to the zipper side of the original button.
An untucked shirt or a belt will cover the old button. An untucked shirt or a belt will cover the old button.

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) – If you've gained or lost a few pounds and you no longer fit into your favorite pants, then you may want to try the Perfect Fit Button before you throw them away.  It's an inexpensive option to expand or subtract that inch to your pants to fit you waist line.  We put it to the test to see if it works.

The Perfect Fit Button kit comes with eight buttons in a variety of colors.  Each of the four styles/colors come in sets of two, which are black, brown, khaki, and a silver embossed jean style button.  As long as your pants fasten with a button at least the size of the Perfect Fit Button, then they should work.  The button setup can be compared to an earring or a pin.  A flat button is attached to a pointed post with a fastening cap on the end to complete the ensemble.

I have about four different style pants to test this Perfect Fit with.  Since they all fit me relatively well, I chose to extend my waist line with a small travel pillow.  I'll place the pillow on my lower back to extend my waist because the Perfect Fit Buttons have a little nub on the end of them, and I'm curious if that nub will dig into my abdomen.

I install the Perfect Fit black button on the black cotton pants first.  Applying minimal pressure, the pin slides through the fabric.  With a snap, the cap is on and the Perfect Fit is installed in seconds.  The new button sits just about an inch to the outside of the original button.  I ten attached my other colored Perfect Fit buttons on the cotton khaki shorts, the blended fabric brown shorts, and the tougher material jeans.

With the waist expanding pillow in place I try on the black pants.  The button locks in and the pants are secure.  I was afraid the zipper would bind, but it closes up just about all the way as well.  It looks like a belt or an untucked shirt would hide the old button equally as well.

I had the same results once I changed into my khaki shorts, brown shorts, and jeans.  The Perfect Fit Button worked well expanding the waist line by about an inch.  I had no problems when sitting down either.  I didn't feel the fastener against my abdomen as I had originally feared.

I next tried bringing my waist line in by about an inch on a pair of jeans that were slightly big on me.  It worked just as well and there's no old button to hide either.  The old button sits on the backside of the waist line comfortably in my case, so a belt wouldn't even have been needed.

Taking off the button is just as easy as putting it on.  I just slid the fastener off the back and removed the button.  A minimally noticeable pin hole is the only evidence left of the Perfect Fit.  It looks like this Perfect Fit Button passes all of our trials, securing a YES for this week's "Does it Work" test.  We ordered the eight pack of Perfect Fit Buttons online for $9.99, plus shipping.

Web Extra:  This device is relatively inexpensive and simple to use.  They do suggest you install the Perfect Fit before you put the pants on to avoid injury, as the pin is very sharp.  Also, make sure your pants have enough material leftover on the zipper side of the button to accommodate the Perfect Fit.  Of course, this wouldn't work on pants that don't secure with a button normally, unless you retrofit and cut a hole, but that's up to you!  As for me, I'm looking to eat that extra slice of pie now!

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