Residents concerned over door-to-door salesmen

by Brandon Richards bio | email

CARLYSS, LA (KPLC-TV) – A Carlyss woman is trying to push for a parish wide ban on door-to-door peddlers.

Amy Trouth is working with the Calcasieu Police Jury on the ban. Trouth said she started pushing for the ban after two salesmen approached her vehicle after she returned home from shopping.

Trouth said she did not know whether the men were suspects linked to robberies that occurred in the area or legitimate salesmen. Turns out the men were in fact legit because they had permits, but that wasn't enough to satisfy Trouth's concerns.

That's when Trouth decided to seek help from her police juror, Ellis Hassien, and push for a ban on door-to-door peddlers.

Several parish municipalities already have such a ban, including Lake Charles and Sulphur.

On Friday, Trouth organized a community meeting so other concerned residents could express their views about the matter. Several residents shared stories of run-ins with peddlers. Some even recalled receiving phone calls with no one on the other end of the line.

Several residents concluded that some of the peddlers had to be criminals casing their homes and neighborhoods.

Deputies from the Calcasieu Sheriff's Department were also on hand advising residents on how to start neighborhood watch programs.

Parish attorney Allen Smith has been tasked with researching a possible parish wide ban. Smith will report his findings to the police jury on April 29th.

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